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Chasing Waterfalls Around Africa

Whether you’ve watched Out of Africa or I dreamed of Africa or Black Panther, there have been plenty of movies giving you a picture of Africa. From the largest country in Africa (Algeria) to the smallest (The Gambia), it is a backpacker’s dream. From the ice-capped mountains of the Kilimanjaro to the volcanic depths of the Rift Valley, the fascinating contrasts of dry brown vs. lush greens of the Okavango Delta with its rare African wild dogs, few places can rival its extraordinary range of landscapes and habitats. If you are after the safari adventure of a lifetime, the best African countries to visit are Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Zambia etc. The list goes on. ?But never miss out on its other natural endowments; waterfalls. Here is a shortlist of some of the best waterfalls to see, with their African names. And if you want to add more beautiful places in Africa to your bucket list, check out our other list here. This is Africa!


Amazing content and pics! These are all on my list of sites to experience.